- Gold medal, silver and bronze for the 3 breeders who have accumulated the most points throughout the playoffs this memorial.

- The competition is all canaricultores legally constituted associations affiliated to submit COM rings

- In each of these competitions will be shared 21 points between the highest scoring canaries, both involved in the form of individual and duets.

- The points will be distributed as follows:


1st- Classified 6 Points
2nd- Classified 5 Points
3rt- Classified 4 Points
4th- Classified 3 Points
5th- Classified 2 Points
6th- Classified 1 Point


- The same breeder can accumulate points for all canaries of your property listed in this category.

- In case of a draw, win the breeder who has won more times 6 points followed by 5 points, 4 points, etc ...

- In the last case and is still a tie, the tie as the best form of prosecution obtained by each of them in any of the scoring competitions.

- The medals Memorial "Angel Puig" will be presented at the closing ceremony to be held at the end of the Memorial.

- The decision of the judges, and the opinions and decisions of the organizing committee are unappealable.

- Participation in the league implies acceptance of these rules herein.






The organizing committee.




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